The cannabis industry is expected to explode across the nation as more states legalize medical marijuana, and in some cases, recreational marijuana. Some experts have projected the industry to take in around $60 billion dollars annually in the first few years and states are looking to expand their budgets with valuable tax revenue earned off of future legalized medical marijuana sales. The job markets alone, in Colorado , have shown that there are plenty of opportunities to be had for employees in the industry. CannaJobs has reported an increase in resume submissions and Employer viewing over the last month. While Florida still stands on the cusp of legalization, NORML members in Florida have expressed that the Marijuana Industry is coming to the state, without any real obstacles standing in the way. Popular vote of the residents suggest that 75% of residents are in full support for medical marijuana and legislators are moving forward to enact the medical marijuana legalization prior to the ballot in the fall. Building the infrastructure before the legalization of medical marijuana is approved is one of the things CCI is teaching attending students how to do.
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