“The prescription drugs I was using beforemedical marijuana were not effective in treating my symptoms at all,” she said.”I smoked marijuana recreationally prior to 2008, and swore up and down for ayear, it was the only thing that actually helped with the constant pain thatcomes with GERD.” Young people’s drug While some marijuana proponentspush for the drug’s legalization and decriminalization, those on the other sideof the aisle decry medical marijuana as a way for younger marijuana users tosidestep federal law. “The best customers for themedical marijuana industry are not adults at all,” said David Frum, spokesmanfor Smart Approaches to Marijuana an alliance of organizations dedicated to a health-first approach tomarijuana. “The majority of people whotry marijuana quit by age 30. With so many medical marijuana cardholderswalking about, it’s simply inevitable that some will resell their marijuana tounderage users.” According to the National Institute on DrugAbuse an organization strongly opposed to marijuana use about 45 percent ofAmericans 26 and older have tried marijuana at least once in their lifetime,while 53 percent of citizens 18-25 have tried the drug, a sign that points tothe drug’s prevalence in younger generations. A miracle medicine For some users, though, agedoesn’t matter. They say the benefits ofthe drug are nothing short of miraculous.
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