An example of such an exhaustive monitoring mechanism could be witnessed at the only medical marijuana dispensary located in Egg Harbor Township in New Jersey. Patients before being allowed to purchase their prescription quantity of pot are made to fill out a questioner which consists of facsimiles of a individual in six various poses of emotion. These face expressions include jesters like smiling, wincing, cringing, crying and frowning. The patients have to circle the face which closely relates to their mental and physiological condition after being administered with Pot as a medical cure. The authorities then evaluate the survey findings to analyze and monitor the amount of pain that the patient is experiencing post the drug consumption. It is important to note here that it is legal for doctors to prescribe marijuana for treating various debilitating and end stage diseases like cancer, multiple sclerosis and epilepsy. The future of medical marijuana is all about the delivery system. MediJane brings you transdermal patches, Gel Capsules, Sublingual’s and topical creams. Learn more about MediJane Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: MJMD) Click Here Now These responses by patients are then stored away and compared with the next submission from them, when they come back to top up their doctor prescription for pot. The face expression recognition test is formally called the Wong-Baker FACES Pain Rating Scale and is said to be believed to be a holistic and precise measure to track pain being felt by individuals. The change recorded between two such surveys by the same patient over a period of time is believed to be being documented by the health agencies to determine the efficacy of the use of marijuana in treating ailments.
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