Verde is not simply a hands-off technology provider. It will provide the funding to construct the grow facility, design the facility, supervise construction, and assist with selection of varieties of marijuana to grow while maintaining oversight to insure high quality, consistent results. Should any one of these crucial steps be missing, the dispensaries would have at least temporary mishaps or missteps and that could translate into lost revenue and lost customers. Over the remainder of the year, the company will initiate a commercial rollout of its technology with clients as well as proprietary operations in Canada. With consistent, highly efficient production of clean (no pesticides, no mold, no insect infestation) environmentally friendly (recycled water) product, LA County will soon be introduced to what the Company refers to as the “Tesla” of medical marijuana growing equipment, aeroponics. By moving away from soil or water as a medium, a plant’s roots are free to grow larger, stronger and faster. Many plant diseases that flourish in soil do not exist in the absence of a medium for them to grow, virtually eliminating the risk of crop failure.
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