Greene said she got excited and bought twice as much as she intended to. The hype surrounding the pot shop openings was unwelcome in some quarters. Derek Franklin, head of the Washington Association for Substance Abuse and Violence Prevention, said it can “normalize” marijuana use for children. He lamented that the state only recently scraped together some money for a digital and radio advertising campaign to urge parents to talk to their children about marijuana. Seattle’s city attorney bought some marijuana today. Cue outrage about the message he sent to children in 3, 2, 1… Dan Riffle (@DanRiffle) July 9, 2014 “This kind of messaging, not only is it too late, but it’s not nearly in-depth enough,” he said. “If we’re the big marijuana social experiment, well, there’s no experiment I’m aware of that you go into without informed consent.” Bellingham’s first store, Top Shelf Cannabis, made more than 400 transactions by late afternoon. It opened at 8 a.m., when Cale Holdsworth strode to the counter and bought 2 grams for $26.50.
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