I mean really,” said Lori Duckworth. Judge Lorenzo Mejia dropped nearly all 28 charges against them. Including charges of racketeering and money laundering as part of a plea deal with prosecutors. “I feel that I was politically prosecuted here in Jackson County because I was the person that dared to be the voice of the OMMP program.” Even though Lori Duckworth said she still wants to be a voice of OMMP or Oregon’s Medical Marijuana Program. She and her husband pleaded guilty to one count of felony delivery of one or more ounces of marijuana as part of the deal. “Delivery can not only be actually delivering marijuana it can be having marijuana with intent to deliver,” said Jackson County Deputy District Attorney, Paul Moser. Moser said the motive behind the deal was to get the Duckworths to recognize at least some of what they did was illegal. “We wanted to reach a resolution that everyone could live with wanted to agree on a charge that recognized the illegality of what they did.” But Lori Duckworth said despite the deal, she stands by her beliefs.
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