For many, it’s a last resort. Seth Hyman, a business consultant and advocate, has made a mission out of trying to help find treatment for his daughter Rebecca, who has a rare genetic disorder. Up to 200 times a day, the 8-year-old suffers seizures, small and large. The seizures started about five years ago, becoming so disabling that she requires constant care. Hyman, who testified before the Florida House Subcommittee on Criminal Justice earlier in January in support of medical marijuana, said he has tried 15 to 20 medications to treat his daughter’s seizures, which often include the loss of consciousness and muscle contractions of the type known as grand mal seizures. None has worked. “Rebecca is the wonder of our life. She had so much potential before the seizures. She started to show progress. Progress for children who are medically complex can be something as simple as grasping a little toy or rolling or trying to sit up,” said Hyman, who lives in Weston with his wife, Danielle, Rebecca and oldest daughter, Melissa, 14. “Unfortunately, when she started having seizures five years ago, she started to regress.” The seizures have left Hyman fearing the worst.
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