Lexaria will strive to make its name synonymous with rejuvenation and healthy living. Lexaria believes that feelings of good health are a luxury to be enjoyed by all and will introduce products aimed to provide comfort and well-being. We are currently conducting our investigation of entering several popular food and drink sectors where our patent-pending cannabidiol delivery might prove particularly popular. Lexaria will announce further developments as our product mix becomes finalized. To begin, we expect to launch PoViva Teas as our first CBD-infused product using our patent-pending processes as quickly as possible. According to the Tea Association of the USA Inc, Americans consumed over 79 billion servings of tea in 2012, its popularity far outstripping any alternative health sector. On any given day, over 150 million Americans consume tea, and 84% of all tea consumed is black tea. Globally, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world after water, with over 3 billion servings of tea per day. As part of the current business agreement, Lexaria has acquired a 3-year exclusive right to the patent-pending process to infuse CBD’s into all global markets outside of the USA. We will investigate all global initiatives that build and promote the PoViva by Lexaria brand. For example, the combined hot beverage markets of coffee and tea together, globally, is $69.77 Billion expected in 2015, according to a 2010 report by Basu Majumder A., Bera B.
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