Minnesotas law authorizes the use of medical marijuana for patients suffering from several medical conditions including glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, certain cancers, seizure disorders, Crohns disease and illnesses causing severe and persistent muscle spasms. Individuals eligible for the medication are required to enroll in a statewide registry. Given that only a few states have legalized medical marijuana use and that marijuana remains illegal under federal law, laws governing employee policies are evolving. Here are a few guidelines to consider when reviewing your organizations policies. Marijuana law and the ADA The ADA and a companion state disability law currently protect employees from discrimination due to their qualifying disability and require an employer to provide qualified individuals with reasonable workplace accommodations that allow a disabled employee to perform his or her job. Reasonable accommodations may include modifying work hours, making changes to the work setting, or permitting the use of certain prescribed medication, equipment or other physical aids.
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