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Where’s the science on medical marijuana?

That medical marijuana patients are dissatisfied with Delaware’s dispensary process should come as no surprise. Medical marijuana laws and practices, like those involving legal recreational marijuana, are a jumble of half steps, cautions and overpromises.

For example, Delaware legalized medical marijuana for a variety of ailments. The state’s only license dispenser is working its way through the hows and whys of getting the medicine to the patients. Many patients, for their part, are not satisfied with the quality and distribution of the marijuana.

However, another group that is still trying to get a better understanding of the laws is the medical community. Doctors, for example, are not all on board about the medical benefits of marijuana for all of the ailments advocates claim. They are still trying to get a handle on the science involved.

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Medical marijuana debate heats up in Warren, Detroit

The debate over medical marijuana is heating up in the city of Warren.

Mayor Jim Fouts will push for legislation that will regulate the dispensaries. The legislation would force owners to grow and store marijuana in manufacturing districts along with requiring registration and inspections by the city.

The Detroit City Council also is looking at licensing and regulating medical marijuana. Council President Pro-Tem George Cushingberry is pushing for dispensaries to be allowed drive-through service and the ability to have more of them closer together.

“Some people say that they didn’t believe that this would happen, that we would have these facilities come up. But as I look around my neighborhood and all the boarded-up buildings, I would much rather have a tax payer there than a boarded-up building,” said Cushingberry.

Not all of Cushingberry’s colleagues support this.

As for Warren, its City Council will hear more about Fouts’ proposed ordinance at a meeting Tuesday night.