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Maple Shade family continues medical marijuana fight

MAPLE SHADE – The battle continues for a local family fighting to have their daughter’s medical marijuana administered by a nurse while at school.

In November, Gov. Chris Christie signed a bill requiring schools and facilities providing services to those with developmental disabilities to adopt policies permitting administration of medical marijuana to qualifying patients, but Genny Barbour’s mother Lora Barbour still comes to her daughter’s school each day at noon and brings her home to administer the homemade cannabis oil.

Genny, 16, has severe epilepsy and autism and is being administered the drug up to five times per day, per her doctor’s prescription. The drug helps to calm her and also has limited the violent seizures she used to get frequently.

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Ohio lawmakers take steps to address medical marijuana


Ohio lawmakers announced this week the formation of a task force to address the issue of medical marijuana in the Buckeye State.

Ohio voters shot down the ballot measure that would have legalized recreational and medical marijuana in November, but an October Quinnipiac poll shows 90 percent of Ohioans support marijuana for medical use.

“Nobody’s cooking it, nobody’s mixing it, it just grows like grass, or trees or anything else. It’s a lot better than taking pills in my opinion,” said Charles Ratcliff, an Ohio resident who said he uses marijuana to cope with his medical disorder. “I have PTSD and I don’t care who knows it, I smoke it.”

“I think medical marijuana for control for extreme pain is absolutely, it’s a no-brainer,” said C.W. Cornett, who resides across the border in Ohio.
Many Ohioans believe users just need to be responsible.

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