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Inside look at a medical marijuana producer

The burning debate over legalizing marijuana was on full display last week. HBO’s Real Time host Bill Maher sparked up a joint on TV, blowing smoke in the face of lawmakers and challenging them to come to their senses.

Here in Canada, Bill Blair, Toronto’s former top cop, has been put in charge of the pot portfolio. Blair has repeated, in multiple interviews, that while he supports legalization, the emphasis will be on “control” and “strict regulation” — something the current marijuana industry knows all too well.

I decided to strap on a lab coat and hairnet to obtain an inside look at one of Canada’s fastest-growing industries: The bud business.

Pulling up to the front gates of Aphria Inc. (LP), one of Canada’s leading medical marijuana producers, it looked like any other greenhouse in the Leamington, Ont., area, aside from the barbwire-lined fences. Leamington may be the “Tomato Capital of Canada,” but this new crop of farming is surely a sign of change to come.

When I walked through the front door, the aroma alerted my nose as to what was growing behind the walls. At times, the scent of weed was overpowering and at other points, pleasantly fragrant.

Once I passed through a multitude of security checkpoints and entered the growing room, I became keenly aware of the hi-def cameras following my every move. A sprawling half acre of medical cannabis plants and state-of-the-art man-made ecosystem is laid out as far as the eye can see. They use the power of natural sunlight combined with climate control systems to produce different strains and potency of medicine.

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Legal Marijuana Sales Could Quadruple by 2020, New Study Shows

According to a new report from ArcView Market Research, legal marijuana sales could grow by 30% per year through 2020.

Ready or not, legal marijuana could be coming to a state or city near you in the not-too-distant future.

Since 1996, we’ve witnessed an incredibly quick rate of expansion for marijuana at the state level. Beginning with California legalizing medical marijuana, 22 additional states, along with Washington, D.C., now allow for medical cannabis to be prescribed by physicians for specific ailments that vary by state.

This expansion has happened despite the federal government hardly budging on its stance toward marijuana. The Obama administration has lifted some of the hoops that researchers would need to jump through prior to commencing a clinical study into the benefits or risks of the drug, but as a whole, the marijuana plant is still just as illegal today as it was in 1996 at the federal level.

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Report: Colorado pot sales top $1B in 2015

Schuyler Trowbridge keeps track of inventory at Green Tree Medicinals, 12626 N. 107th St. in Longmont last year.

Schuyler Trowbridge keeps track of inventory at Green Tree Medicinals, 12626 N. 107th St. in Longmont last year. (Lewis Geyer / Staff Photographer)

Marijuana sales in Colorado topped $1 billion in 2015, according to a new report from cannabis investment firm the ArcView Group.

Estimates put the figure at $1.005 billion, up nearly 45 percent from about $700 million last year. Growth was primarily driven by recreational sales, which topped $600 million. Medicinal sales in the state came in just above $400 million.

Industry insiders had long predicted revenue would cross the $1 billion mark, though a sluggish end to the year was unanticipated.

“(The fourth quarter) did not continue the momentum of (the third quarter),” said Roy Bingham, founder and CEO of BDS Analytics, and industry data analysis firm in Boulder. “In fact, Q4 came in well below Q3, suggesting among other things that this is a more seasonal market than might have been expected.”

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