If you want this, vote for me again and Ill be sure to pass it on my next term. So, its going to come down to what they want to do politically within the country, he added. I think Canada will go legal, which will help to validate a lot of the investment that’s been happening there in 2016. And then, I also think that we are going to see movement in other places around the world, moving in this direction as well, Troy Dayton, CEO of ArcView Group and famed legalization advocate , continued. For his part, 420 Investors Alan Brochstein said, The biggest story beyond federal cannabis policy this year is likely to be the attention on Canada’s move towards legalization. Parliament will receive the proposed legislation in the Spring (maybe on 4/20?), and it’s likely that the finalized legislation along with a timeline for implementation will take place by the end of the year. Finally, international law expert Zameer Qureshi voiced, Canada has traditionally been quite progressive in regards to cannabis. They have taken what many regard as a common sense approach that it is not as harmful as other substances. I think that will continue to be medical marijuana reflected in Canadian legislation. But in regards to specific timelines and the measures, unfortunately, I cannot comment. Canada Vs. United States Jay Czarkowski, founding partner at Canna Advisors, explicated the difference between Canada and the United States. [There are] two differences between Canada and the U.S.

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