(“FHD”), initially purchased in February 2015, has performed exceptionally well. FHD produced record sales in 2016 as the burgeoning market for commercial hydroponics products continued to show an appetite for FHD’s unique lines of nutrients and equipment. Despite 50% year over year sales growth in 2016, the company is confident that FHD’s best growth is still ahead. The timely acquisition of a bottling colorado pot business line and exceptional performance and leadership of key hires are leading an expansion into the fertilization sector, where key growth opportunities have been identified. Under the direction of Chris Pearson and newly hired research consultant from the University of British Colombia Dr. Paul Shipley, and head bioengineer Justin Pearson, FHD’s Plant Life Products and Holland Secret brands are successfully competing for and winning fertilizer market share. The fertilizer brands, along with the continuing success of companion metering product Grow Boss is earning the company a significant and growing position in the commercial hydroponics market. The sale of FHD’s Sunblaster lighting line for $4.8 million in cash allowed the company the opportunity to issue a $0.07/ share dividend in December 2016 to Invictus MD shareholders for a total of approximately $1 million. The company remains committed to identifying undervalued cannabis industry assets and delivering that value to the shareholders.” Holding company, Mountain High Acquisitions Corporation (OTCQB: MYHI) is focused on the commercial hemp and Cannabidiol products industries.

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