Investing in marijuana stocks The potential to profit from Florida’s medical marijuana market could be big, but investors have few investment options that they can buy right now. Most marijuana stocks that can benefit from ramping demand in Florida are small marijuana business companies that are trading on over the counter markets, which are risky, unregulated exchanges that are prone to fraud. For that reason, the majority of marijuana stocks are best left untouched. Instead, investors interested in buying marijuana stocks might want to consider backdoor marijuana stocks that won’t benefit directly from sales in Florida, but will benefit from improving attitudes toward cannabis. Among the most intriguing of these companies are Canadian medical marijuana stocks Canopy Growth (TSX: CGC)(NASDAQOTH: TWMJF) and Aphria, Inc. Canada’s approved the use of medical marijuana nationally, and market demand in Canada is leading to millions of dollars in medical marijuana sales for these companies. For instance,Canopy Growth’s brands include Tweed and a partnership with cultural icon Snoop Dog on his Leafs by Snoop. So far, Canopy’s sales are small, but they’re growing quickly. In Q3, unaudited revenue was $8.4 million Canadian, up from $2.5 million Canadian the year before, and profit was $0.05 Canadian. The company’s robust expansion plans, however, could mean that its profit swings wildly, or that profits turn to losses.

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