With a number of hot IPO rumors – Spotify, anyone – investors are eagerly awaiting the next big gainer . However, not all IPOs are made equal. And sometimes the most anticipated stock market debuts end up being a waste of time and money as reality kicks in (remember Twitter ( TWTR ) and its post-IPO plunge?). In the past couple of weeks, investors have jockeyed to get into two anxiously awaited public offerings … but are these faddish stocks here to stay? Meanwhile, another company has gone private in a more quiet manner but packs a ton of potential for its early-in investors . Reversing the traditional order to get the rotten news out of the way, here are medical marijuana business The Ugly, The Bad, and The Good of 2017’s IPOs so far. First, The Ugly: Snap ( SNAP ) . This social media company, the owner of self-destructing photo app Snapchat, debuted on the New York Stock Exchange on March 1. And straight out of the gate, its stock price soared, gaining a nearly immediate 44%.

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