Among them, were a couple of our very own experts from northern Nevada. Pistil + Stigma’s Rebecca Gasca, who got her degree in international business and economics at the University of Nevada, Reno, talked about cultivating in compliance. ” Compliance is important,” Gasca cautioned during her session. “It’s to keep yourself out of trouble, keep your investors out of trouble, keep your partners out of trouble, keep your colleagues out of trouble. Naturally, of course, keep you out of jail.” Father and son duo Craig and Cody Witt of Full Circle Soils & Compost, based in Minden, began their session on maximizing soil fertility with what they called “compost yoga.” They instructed everyone in the conference hall to stand up, put their hands in the colorado medical marijuana air and chant. “Why did you just do the compost yoga?” Cody Witt, son of Craig, asked the audience. “Soil satisfaction is almost just like yoga. It’s all about the balance, harmony and satisfying all the cravings of your soil and the plants you’re growing in that soil.” Other speakers included Jay Kitchen of UptownGrowLab on the fundamentals of cultivating cannabis. “The plant always seems to come back, treat it with love and respect and you’re good,” Kitchen said during the Q&A portion of his session.

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