now CBD Unlimited, today stated its pivotal strategic initiatives. The CEO of
the company, Todd Davis, says it was impressive for the company to have
surpassed the set year-end target. The plan was to set up about 5,000 retail
stores, and despite a few challenges, this has been achieved.

Steps to reach company goals

Davis opined, “With energetic determination, we continue to see tremendous growth in demand, both nationally and internationally. Our focus remains with our consumers and stakeholders as we continue to expand our product reach.”

official added that they were in talks with some other leading retailers to discuss
ways to enhance business. Market observers have also commented, saying that
indeed, the company has ramped up its business operations at an exponential
rate. They have also congratulated the company for hitting its set target three
months before the targeted time.

the demand for superior CBD products surged, CBD Unlimited, with immediate
effect, knew more work was to be done. That is why it took to set up a robust
pilot program. It made this announcement in mid-July 2019. In the near term,
the business giant hopes to have established between 8,000-10,000 stores.

Unlimited says it will continue doing its best to become one of the leading
contributors to the dynamic industry. It states that in the previous year it
increased its stores by 500%. This percentage represents a rise in the store
count from 1000 to about 5000 or even more.

Focus into the future

Unlimited says it won’t hesitate to take up any business growth opportunity
that might present itself. The CBD market is booming at the moment. This
business sees the roll-out plans as its ticket to generating higher revenues.

5000 figure comprises of some 4000 plus Major Drug and Grocery Outlets and 300
convenient stores. The remaining 1000 has Wellness centers, Doctor’s offices,
independent retail stores, and Vet and Animal care facilities.

Unlimited has several long-term goals. However, the most outstanding is
marketing and selling its products on a wider scale. The company hopes to
increase its customers, even on a global scale.