B2Digital Inc (OTCMKTS:BTDG) Ready for Two Major MMA Events as PPV Performance Ramps Up

With all the gloom surrounding the resurgence in pandemic cases and hospitalizations over the past two weeks, it’s easier than ever to lose sight of what’s working.

A case in point – if a surprising one – is the brand being built with great success so far this year for B2Digital Inc (OTCMKTS:BTDG), a rapidly growing OTC player in the live sports media space with a strong focus on Mixed Martial Arts pay-per-view events, branding its niche as the “development league for the MMA”.

It would be easy to assume that live sporting events – even those in the fastest growing sports market – might be suffering over the past couple months. But the story is very much the opposite for BTDG. And the company is looking to put that momentum back to the test again this weekend with two major events: HRMMA 116 in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, on November 6, and Strikehard 57 in Northport, Alabama, on November 7.

The HRMMA 116 event on Friday is also the 12-year Anniversary Show, according to information from the company on social media over recent days.

The momentum is unambiguous, with the company recent setting a new record for pay-per-view viewers in its last event, which follows a string of successful events this fall.

The key here has been an expanding total pool of potential viewers, an innovative marketing initiative, and what appears to be a successful model of running this type of event and distributing it to a widening circle of fans and followers.

A Perfect Storm of Execution?

As noted above, B2Digital Inc (OTCMKTS:BTDG) has benefited in recent months from progress in the company’s execution on multiple fronts.

We have seen a big expansion in distribution reach, with the company adding access to both Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV over the past few weeks, which may have added an addressable OTT market reach of over 70 million new potential viewers, based on data from Ampere Analytics and quoted in the Wall Street Journal earlier this year.

That jump in potential reach comes on the heels of the company’s establishment of its B2InstaStore marketing model, which provides a convenient, fast, and simple way to sign up for the Company’s new B2 Social Media Storefronts platform, where fans and followers can actually get a piece of the action by helping to sell PPV tickets for BTDG events.

According to the company’s release from late August, “The B2 Instastore feature is really something we feel has the potential to revolutionize the live-event PPV marketing game. Imagine all of your fans and followers deciding to become a giant distributed affiliate marketing team helping you sell tickets to your event. The technology is seamless. We are already seeing a strong response. And the timing couldn’t be better – having this system up and fully functional ahead of our first major event in the busy B2 Fighting Series Fall Season carries the potential to provide us with a defining boost in the months ahead.”

In addition, the company has added partners and extra resources on the distribution side, helping to push out a product that minimizes the company’s dependence on in-person audience attendance, which has helped to buffer its model against the uncertainty posed by the pandemic.

Picking Up Steam

Not only are we seeing B2Digital Inc (OTCMKTS:BTDG) maintain its momentum in terms of live MMA events in a challenging context, but we are actually seeing the pace of events pick up, with two major PPV shows scheduled for this coming weekend.

That’s a testament to how the company has navigated the obstacles placed in its path.

One important principle we would highlight – and which we have highlighted frequently in this strange context – is as follows: the companies that manage to thrive through flexible and effective execution during the worst of the pandemic could be poised for significant growth tailwinds as the context normalizes next year. Competition will be thinned out, resources will be accessible on the cheap, and teams will have the momentum that can only come from passing a tough test.

BTDG looks well-situated to find itself in good shape around the corner.

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